Ukraine’s GDP grew by 10.5% y/y in October

For January-October 2023, economic growth is estimated at 5.5% y/y
GDP of the Eurozone in Q3 decreased by 0.1% q/q

The economy of the European Union grew by 0.1% q/q in July-September
China’s Q2 GDP growth to be relatively strong – forecast

Annual figures will be strong due to low comparative base
Eurozone economy enters technical recession

In the first quarter of 2023, seasonally adjusted GDP in the eurozone fell by 0.1%

The economy of Ukraine is predicted to grow by 2-3% in 2023

After the resumption of energy supplies in February, the forecasts for the development of the Ukrainian economy for 2023 have improved
German GDP in the first quarter remained at the level of the previous quarter

Experts expected the country's economy to grow by at least 0.2% q/q
German GDP decreased by 0.2% q/q in the fourth quarter of 2022

The unexpected reduction points to the beginning of a recession in one of Europe's largest economies
NBU worsened GDP growth forecast for 2023 to 0.3%

The National Bank expects the country's real GDP to grow by 4.1% in 2024

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What will be the dynamics of the world economy in 2023

Analysts expect that in 2023 the economies of Asian countries will grow, while the USA and the Eurozone are threatened with recession
The Cabinet of Ministers has worsened the forecast of Ukraine’s GDP growth in 2023 to 3.2%

According to the draft state budget for 2023 for the second reading, inflation next year will be 29%

The IMF has worsened the global economic growth forecast for 2023

The estimate of global international growth for 2022 remained unchanged – 3.2%
The Ministry of Economy predicts a drop in GDP by 35-40% by the end of 2022

The National Bank has similar forecasts for the development of the Ukrainian economy

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