Ukraine’s GDP

EBRD forecasts Ukraine’s GDP to fall by 30% in 2022
Expectations of economic recovery in 2023 are now 25%, and it is an improvement
Ukraine loosed 2% of GDP because of Mariupol’s destruction
Main losses connected with damages of steel plants, which produced 40% of crude steel in Ukraine
Ukraine’s GDP to decline by a third in 2022, National Bank forecasts
Inflation may reach 20% at the end of the year, but will be brought under control
The IMF forecasts a decline in Ukraine’s GDP in 2022 by at least 10%
The IMF also expects the inflation to rise to 20%
State Statistic Service evaluates Ukraine’s GDP growth in 2021 at 3.4%
GDP in the mining industry amounted to UAH 364.2 billion
Ukrainian economy halved due to war – NBU
Ukrainian Сentral bank cannot estimate how many hundreds of billions of dollars it will take after the war to restore the economy
The National Bank downgraded its forecast for Ukraine’s GDP growth ...
Yet, the regulator expects a recovery of Ukraine’s economy and a 3.7% GDP growth in 2023
The Ministry of Economy downgrades its economic growth forecast for...
The new pandemic challenges keep affecting all economies in the world, including Ukraine
Ukrainian businesses to lose up to €400 million annually due to CBA...
Exports of Ukraine-made metal products to the EU could decline by 9%
The Ministry of Economy downgraded its consensus forecast for GDP g...
The economic growth in Ukraine will slow down to 3.6% in 2022
IMF downgraded its growth forecast for Ukraine’s GDP to 3.2%
Expectations for 2022–2023 remained at the same level (3.6% and 3.4% growth respectively)
State Statistics Service estimates the increase in Ukraine’s GDP in...
Ukraine’s GDP grew 1.4% against the previous quarter