Ukraine’s GDP
The Ministry of Economy estimates a fall in Ukraine’s GDP in January-September 2022 at the level of 30% y/y

In September 2022, Ukraine's economy fell by 35% y/y – at the level of the previous month

The World Bank improved the growth forecast of Ukraine’s economy in 2023 to 3.3%

Expectations for 2022 have also improved – falling 35% from the previous forecast of 45.1%

The EBRD lowered the forecast for the growth of Ukraine’s economy in 2023 to 8%

Expectations regarding the fall in the country's GDP in 2022 remained at the level of 30%
The State Statistics Service estimates a drop in Ukraine’s GDP in the second quarter of 2022 at 37.2% y/y

Compared to the previous quarter, the country's economy decreased by 19.1% in April-June 2022

The decline of Ukraine’s economy slowed to 35% y/y in August 2022 – Ministry of Economy

In 2022, the department predicts a decline in the country's GDP by 33.2% on an annual basis

The Ministry of Economy expects Ukraine’s GDP to grow by 15.5% in 2023

The country's economy may begin to grow in 2023 after a deep decline in 2022 by 35-40%
The Ministry of Economy predicts a drop in GDP by 35-40% by the end of 2022

The National Bank has similar forecasts for the development of the Ukrainian economy

The NBU expects a 37.5% decline in Ukraine’s GDP in the second half of the year

In the first quarter of 2023, the country's economy will also shrink by 19%, and recovery will begin in the second quarter

NBU expects GDP growth in 2023-2024 subject to unblocking of ports

In the next two years, the Ukrainian economy can recover by 5-6%

Wartime estimates: How much Ukraine’s economy will down in 2022

The estimates of the reduction of Ukraine's GDP due to the war vary from 30% to 47%

Statistics Service estimates Ukraine’s GDP falling in Q1 at 15.1%

Compared to the previous quarter, the country's economy shrank by 19.3%

Ports unblocking will reduce the drop of Ukraine’s GDP in 2022 to 22-25%

If the ports still blocked, the economy is expected to decline by 30% by the end of the year

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