Eurozone and EU GDP grew by 0.3% q/q in Q1

Compared to the same period in 2023, the indicator increased by 0.4% in the Eurozone and by 0.5% in the EU
Ukraine’s GDP grew by 5.3% y/y in 2023 – State Statistics Service

In 2022, the Ukrainian economy decreased by 28.8% y/y
Germany’s GDP in 2023 declined for the first time since 2020 – by 0.3% y/y

The country's economy decreased under the influence of high inflation, rising interest rates, and a decline in economic activity
The turnover of Ukraine reached almost $100 billion in 2023

During the year, the country imported goods worth $63.5 billion, and exported $36 billion

Ukraine’s economy is forecast to grow by 3-5% in 2024

Next year steel production may reach 7.2-7.5 million tons
Industrial production in Ukraine increased by 2.4% y/y in January-September

Production in steel sector and production of finished steel products during the period fell by 3.6% y/y
The volume of construction work in Ukraine increased by 21% y/y in January-September

Engineering structures became the driver of construction growth during this period, increasing the indicator by 34.4% y/y
Ukraine’s GDP grew by 9.3% y/y in Q3 – State Statistics Service

Compared to the previous quarter, the country's economy grew by 0.7%
The deficit of the state budget of Ukraine increased to UAH 145.1 billion in November

In October, this indicator was 98.4 billion UAH, and in September – 87 billion UAH
Ukraine’s GDP grew by 10.5% y/y in October

For January-October 2023, economic growth is estimated at 5.5% y/y
Industrial production in France decreased by 0.4% m/m in September

In the third quarter, the indicator increased by 0.2% y/y, but decreased by 0.2% q/q
GDP of the Eurozone in Q3 decreased by 0.1% q/q

The economy of the European Union grew by 0.1% q/q in July-September

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