industrial production

Ukraine’s industrial production keeps falling
The quarantine measures worsened the economic downfall in Ukraine observed since H2 2019
Ukraine’s industrial production decline slowed down to 1.5% in Febr...
Production of steel and finished steel products declined by 4.1%
Industrial production in January dropped by 5.1%
Production of steel and steel products declined by 10.3%, while mining of metal ores by 1.5%
Industrial producers expect a drop in capacity utilization rate to ...
Representatives of industrial companies of Ukraine predict a drop in demand for their products
Ukraine’s industrial production dropped by 1.8% in 2019
Over the year, the steel industry and production of finished metal products declined by 3.1%
Prices for mining & metals products are falling, while prices ...
In the first ten months of the current year, only iron ore prices grew, and only due to the rise of the global prices. In October, the global prices fell too
Добыча руд в августе опередила динамику промпроизводства на 11 п.п. (c)
In August, ore mining exceeded the industrial production pace by 11 pp
The mining segment of Ukraine’s mining & metals sector became one of the drivers of industrial production
The industry recovers after a decline early this year
In March, the industrial production index of the steel industry was 108.9% compared to March 2018.