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Экспорт руды из Украины в 2019 году вырос на 18,5% (c)
Ukraine’s exports of iron ore increased by 18.5% in 2019
China bought more than a third of Ukrainian raw materials
Капитализация рынка Индустрии 4.0 достигнет $156,6 млрд к 2024 году (c)
Rail transportation of metals fell by 5% in 2019
Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) increased its rail transportation of iron and manganese ores by 2.7%
AMKR considerably reduced production of rolled products, steel and ...
AMKR considerably reduced production of rolled products, steel and pig iron in November
Price review of the market of raw materials in the steel industry
Iron ore quotations will continue to decline in 2020. China plays a decisive role again
Экспорт руды из Украины в ноябре вырос на 7,75% до 3,34 млн т (c)
Ukraine’s iron ore exports grew by 7.57% in November
Ukraine still sells half of its iron ore to China, Poland and Czech Republic
Iron ore mining fell by 0.1% in 10 months
Production of non-agglomerated iron ore concentrates increased by 4.9%
Black Iron договорилась об условиях передачи земучастка под ГОК (c)
Black Iron agreed on the terms of the transfer of a land parcel
The Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the government of Ukraine
Prices for mining & metals products are falling, while prices ...
In the first ten months of the current year, only iron ore prices grew, and only due to the rise of the global prices. In October, the global prices fell too
Ukraine’s iron ore exports fell by 10% in October
At the same time, iron ore exports grew by 8.3% to 33.26 million tons over 10 months
Ore exports from Ukraine fell by 2.4% in September
The volumes of exports to foreign iron ore markets decreased by 1.8%
Украинский ГМК в январе-сентябре нарастил производство стали на 4% (c)
Ukraine ramped up steel production by 4% in 9 months
However, by the end of September, steel production fell by 10%
Депутаты предлагают изменить базу расчета ренты на добычу руды (c)
MPs suggest changing the tax base for the iron ore royalty
According to GMK Center’s analyst, lawmakers offered only partial concessions to the business