iron ore prices

Iron ore prices increased by 15% over the week
A range of positive news pushes ore prices to a four-week high
Iron ore prices in China will fall to $70/t in the third quarter – ...
This forecast is based on the crisis in the Chinese real estate market
Iron ore prices in China rose by 5.6% in a week
Raw material prices reached $100.7/t on Friday
Iron ore price in China fell by 15% in a week
The price of a ton of raw materials fell below $100
Australia expects ore prices to drop to $115/t in 2022
In 2023 and 2024, the cost of ore will fall even lower - to $85/t and $70/t
Iron ore market in EU is waiting for redistribution
Diversification of supplies is required due to expected export cut from Ukraine
European steelmakers will lose supply of iron ore from Ukraine
European steelmakers will lose supply of iron ore from Ukraine
Due to the war and unfavorable market conditions, supplies began to decline
The end of hopes: steel production in Ukraine to fall because of lo...
The war, problems with logistics and raw materials deliveries are strongly affect the steel production too
Fitch: Global iron ore production will increase in 2022-2026
The agency expects production to grow by an average of 2.7% in 2022-2026, compared to a decrease of 1.3% in 2017-2021
Iron ore prices decline threatens Ukraine’s exports
Panic is at the raw materials and metal markets
Iron ore prices in China have fallen to a 7-month low
During the last week, the value of iron ore on the Dalian Exchange decreased by 10.4%