iron ore prices
India considers creating a national iron ore exchange – Reuters

In this way, the country seeks to fight price anomalies in the domestic market
Iron ore prices fell to an 11-month low in March

Iron ore supply on the market exceeds demand
Fitch Ratings upgrades iron ore price outlook for 2024-2026

The price for iron ore is expected to reach $105/t this year
Global iron ore prices fall to 6-month low

As of March 13, iron ore quotations on the Dalian Exchange amounted to $112.29/t, and on the Singapore Exchange – $103.45/t.
Iron ore prices fell in January after 4 months of growth

In December, raw material quotations probably reached peak values
Iron ore prices are adjusted after peaking in late 2023

Quotations of raw materials on the Dalian Commodity Exchange fell to $136.4/t, and on the Singapore Exchange – to $134.1/t
Iron ore prices on the Dalian Exchange reached $138/t

On the Singapore Exchange, January iron ore futures as of December 27, 2023, are $140.2/t

Iron ore prices decline for the second week in a row

Steel plants have slowed down purchases of raw materials amid negative expectations of economic stimulation in China
Fitch raised iron ore price forecast for 2023-2026

The price for this raw material is expected to reach $118/t in 2023
Iron ore prices peaked after a 5-week rally

Last week, quotations began to decline, ending a long uptrend
Iron ore prices may reach $150/t in 2024 – analysts

Estimates were raised amid expectations of increased demand in China

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