After 6 months of war, steelmakers from the Russian Federation are experiencing difficulties with exporting products and buying spare parts for equipment

The European energy crisis created new opportunities for Asian steel producers

Also, the rise in energy prices and the war in Ukraine put the ambitious green transition of European steelmakers on pause

Will anti-dumping investigations against steel from the Russian Federation become a trend

Cheap Russian steel products lead to a drop in production and income of local manufacturers

World scrap metal prices are falling due to reduced steel production

Market operators expect that scrap prices will rise in autumn due to the increase in demand for steel
Steelmakers around the world are shutting down capacity due to falling demand

EU steel companies are waiting for an increase in demand and a rise in steel prices in the fall, but this may not happen

Iron ore market in EU is waiting for redistribution

Diversification of supplies is required due to expected export cut from Ukraine

Deglobalization and regionalization: global trend of the world economy

The new reality has learned Ukrainian mining & metals industry to be flexible and make quick market decisions

European steelmakers concern about potential gas shortages

High energy prices have already caused steel and its production prices growth in the region

The war in Ukraine will not stop global decarbonisation: scrap issue

Scrap is still the most important material for reducing emissions in steel industry

India’s introduction of export tariffs could hit the local steel market

Having weak domestic demand, Indian steel companies want to increase metal products exports to Europe

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