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В первом квартале ВВП Украины сократилось на 0,5% – Нацбанк (c)
The National Bank says Ukraine’s GDP fell by 0.5% in Q1
The country copes with this crisis better than before
Industrial prices are falling for the fifth month in a row
The rate of decline in prices slowed down against the previous month due to food manufacturers
A fall in Ukraine’s GDP was 0.2% in January–February
A further fall in GDP may be expected in the future, which, according to the Cabinet of Ministers, will reach 4.8% in 2020
Mining & metals companies generate every eighth hryvnia of Ukr...
One steel worker in Ukraine creates 2.2 jobs in related industries
Why are there so many bankruptcies in the industry?
Steelmaking is one of the industries where risk of default is always high
Why the steel industry is not in a hurry to consolidate
M&A activity in the sector is historically low
Challenge for the coming decades
Funding of decarbonization remains the key problem affecting the industry
Employment in the steel industry fell again in November
Over the first 11 months of 2019, the industry lost around 6 thousand employees
The recession and revaluation inflicted losses on steelmakers
The mining & metals sector of Ukraine will be loss-making in 2019 in terms of key indicators
Risks 2020: what steelmakers expect from the coming year
GMK Center estimates the cost of next year’s risks for the mining & metals sector at $1.9 billion
Ugur Dalbeler: “There will be further production cuts in steel sector”
Çolakoğlu Metalurji`s CEO spoke about steelmakers` perspectives for 2020
Horst Wiesinger: “Professionalism becomes increasingly important”
Horst Wiesinger Consulting’s CEO shares his thoughts about the future of the European steel industry