The conference will discuss the future of the iron ore market and the impact of CBAM on steel production in Europe and beyond

On June 24-26, the first Fastmarkets International Iron Ore & Green Steel Summit 2024 conference will take place in Vienna, Austria, and will focus on the industry’s green transition, including the choice of raw materials. The choice of raw materials plays a crucial role in the environmental impact of the steel industry and the carbon neutrality of steel production.

During the conference, participants will hear the latest news on regulations, trends, technologies, strategies, prices, supply and demand, and much more directly from industry leaders, pioneers and Fastmarkets experts.

The main topics of the conference are:

  • Prospects for new green steel capacities;
  • Transferring production from BF-BOF to EAF-DRI;
  • Structural changes and new price premiums in the flat steel markets;
  • Evolution of green steel trade and the role of end users;
  • CBAM impact on steel production in Europe and beyond;
  • Sustainable steel supply chains;
  • Green energy and green hydrogen supply, etc.

Conference program:

June 24

  • Long-term iron ore development strategies in light of steel decarbonization;
  • Selection of new high-quality production projects.

June 25

  • Analysis of the European iron ore market in the context of global trade flows;
  • Price trends, market dynamics and risk management.

June 26

  • How CBAM is revolutionizing steel production in Europe.

To register for the conference, please follow the link.