EU steel market weighs challenges in implementing CBAM

Market participants are concerned about the unpredictability of carbon costs
Korean steelmakers are concerned about the consequences of CBAM introduction

The country's steelmakers are implementing technologies to meet their own climate goals
The effectiveness of CBAM remains to be confirmed – EUROFER

The initial stage will be crucial to assess the reliability of the mechanism
Export of eco-friendly steel from Bharat is not possible under current CBAM – AMNS

The country's steelmakers are already working on the decarbonization of production
The implementation of CBAM may lead to an increase in prices for steel imports to the EU

European steelmakers are also concerned about the mechanism's impact on exports from the bloc
Latin American steelmakers call for an extension of the CBAM deadline

It is difficult for the industry of the region to timely fulfill the established requirements for further access to the EU markets
European EAF producers will be able to raise output of longs by 3-4 mln tons due to CBAM

EAF steelmakers will gain cost advantages behind BF-BOF

Flats prices in the EU could raise by €150 till 2030 due to CBAM introduction

Steelmakers could be able to transfer carbon costs onto end customer
China calls on the EU to ensure that CBAM complies with WTO rules

China also asks Europe to avoid creating protectionist measures

Ukraine could lose up to 50% of pig iron output due to CBAM

Total annual export losses could reach $1.4 bln till 2030
Thai exporters will have difficulty reporting under CBAM

Companies lack IT solutions for recording and determining the equivalent of carbon emissions

ANNOUNCEMENT: Round table «CBAM impact on the export of Ukrainian steel products»

GMK Center invites representatives of the state, business and the expert environment to join the discussion about the consequences of CBAM implementation

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