Australia’s steel importers have reservations about introducing a CBAM analogue

The industry association reminds that many countries are already working on the decarbonization of production
EU approved reporting rules for CBAM implementation transitional phase

The implementing regulation details the transitional reporting obligations of importers
Australia will consider implementing its own CBAM

Consultations on this issue will be held in the country
Poland is appeals the European CBAM and ETS through the court

The country is concerned about the impact of the EU's climate policy on the Polish economy
CBAM introduction will affect Turkish exporters

Experts note that competition will increase for countries that are slowly preparing for the implementation of the mechanism
Japan’s industry groups criticize CBAM reporting

Industrialists are concerned that this could lead to the disclosure of confidential information
Japan’s steelmakers have comments on European CBAM

The mechanism requires data from importers that is not requested from European steel producers
UK ETS reform needs further development – UK Steel

Without strategic support from the government, steel industry will not be able to achieve its decarbonization goals
CBAM will affect 15-40% of Indian steel exports to Europe

India exports 3-5 million tons of rolled steel to Europe every year
UK Steel calls for faster implementation of UK CBAM

The association warns of a possible influx of large volumes of imports into the country
South Korean steelmakers are asking for an extension of the CBAM reporting period

The country's steel producers are also calling on the EU to finalize some rules

СВАМ and the future membership of Ukraine in the EU

Exemption from СВАМ as part of the liberalization of trade relations between our country and the EU is one of the foundations for stimulating the recovery of the Ukrainian economy

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