coking coal

В январе-феврале импорт коксующихся углей в Украину вырос на 10%
Ukraine’s imports of coking coals grew by 10% in 2M 2021
Ukrainian producers imported 0.029 million tons of coke in 2M
Импорт коксующихся углей в первом квартале снизился на 31% (c)
Coking coal imports dropped by 31% in Q1
In January–March, Ukrainian companies imported no coke
In 2019, Ukraine reduced imports of coking coals from Russia by 24%
Imports of coking coals from Kazakhstan almost doubled
Demand for coke among steelmaking companies is falling
While coke imports grew by 17.3% in 9 months
Import of coking coals to Ukraine grew over 5 months
A 5% growth was recorded, the share of import increased by 1.5 percentage points, up to 81.9%
The key question: what does the ban on the supply of coking coals m...
The domestic market may face a significant deficit of raw materials for coke production