The Ministry of Infrastructure aims to increase the export capacity of the Danube ports to 4 million tons per month

In January-November 2023, the Danube ports processed almost 30 million tons of cargo. This is stated in press release of Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

«Fast and rhythmic work of these export routes remains a strategic direction of work. During 11 months of operation, the total volume of transshipment through the Ukrainian Danube ports amounted to almost 30 million tons,» the department notes.

At the same time, the monthly export capacity of the Danube ports is expected to reach 4 million tons of cargo soon. To this end, the issue of night navigation on the Sulina Canal is being resolved. It is now operational, but Romania is expected to provide the necessary number of pilots.

In addition, the Ministry of Infrastructure continues to work to increase the capacity of rail and road checkpoints in a quadripartite format: Romania – the United States – the European Commission – Ukraine with the participation of Moldova.

«Two key issues we are working on now are the approval of a pilot project at the Krasnoilsk-Vicovu de Sus checkpoint – the launch of trucks and the green corridor through the Reni Giurgiulesti – Galati checkpoints between Ukraine, Moldova and Romania,» the message says.

As GMK Center reported, in January-October sea ​​ports 27.6 million tons of cargo were processed in the Danube region, which is 45.6% more than in the same period of 2022. Compared to the volume of cargo handled in January-October 2021, during the 10 months of 2023, the Danube ports increased transshipment by 7.3 times.