The company took second place in the rating of the Ukrainian edition of Forbes

Metinvest Group has been recognized as one of the largest investors in Ukraine in 2022-2023. The company said in a statement.

Metinvest was ranked second in the Ukrainian edition of Forbes’ 20+5 largest investors in the country, which was presented for the first time.

The company’s top investment projects in 2023 included the launch of new longwalls at Pokrovsk Coal Group enterprises, modernization and repair of chambers at Kametstal and Zaporizhstal, as well as energy projects.

According to the company’s press service, the group’s investment strategy is focused on maintaining the operability of its assets. More than $300 million is allocated annually for this purpose. During the full-scale war, the corresponding amount amounted to $659 million. The group is still working on the preparatory stages of key strategic projects. In 2024, the planned capital investment is about $319 million.

According to Forbes, if the list had been compiled in 2021, Metinvest would have won by a wide margin – the company announced $1.3 billion in capital investments then. However, the war caused the company direct losses of $3.5 billion, and the group’s largest steel mills, Azovstal and Ilyich Iron and Steel Works, were destroyed.

The Forbes ranking includes metallurgists, energy producers, farmers, telecom operators, retailers, logistics companies, a gas station chain, and the five most active investors from state-owned companies.

Metinvest was included in the list of honest taxpayers in Ukraine as part of the project «Support the honest». The company was also recognized as an example of a «white employer.» In 2023, the group paid more than UAH 3.2 billion in unified social tax, and last year it transferred more than UAH 14.6 billion to the Ukrainian budget.

As GMK Center reported earlier, nine Metinvest companies were included in the rating of the best companies in Ukraine with an impeccable reputation published by Opendatabot.