Great Britain
UK Steel calls for keeping scrap in the country for a green transition

Scrap should stay in Britain to help decarbonise the industry
India is concerned about a potential British equivalent of CBAM

The country seeks to provide a mechanism for resolving these issues in a free trade agreement
UK plans to introduce a carbon tax in 2026

In this way, the country will protect local producers from unfair competition from regions with lower carbon costs
UK steel industry’s green transition requires scrap recycling strategy

It is difficult to imagine the future of the industry without a transition to EAF and more efficient use of raw materials
New EU sanctions against Russia could significantly affect British steelmakers

The restrictions will require evidence that the raw materials used to produce the final product do not come from the Russian Federation
UK begins review of safeguard measures on steel imports

The review will cover 15 categories of steel products
UK will keep duties on HRC from China, Brazil, Iran and Russia until 2027

Government Decision Meets Local Trade Enforcement Authority (TRA) Guidelines
UK has changed the scheme of calculating duties on flat-rolled goods from Iran and the Russian Federation

The government has canceled anti-dumping duties for some companies whose products are subject to protective duties
Tata Steel will decide the Port Talbot plant’s future

The company notes that the service life of one of the blast furnaces is coming to an end in a year
Blastr Green Steel is exploring the location of a DR pellet plant in the UK

The company has currently signed a letter of intent with Redcar Bulk Terminal
UK ETS reform needs further development – UK Steel

Without strategic support from the government, steel industry will not be able to achieve its decarbonization goals
UK will continue anti-dumping measures on thick sheet steel from China

The withdrawal of these measures could harm British producers, the TRA found

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