Great Britain
The UK extended the cancellation of the duty on the import of Ukrainian steel for one year

Protective measures regarding Ukrainian imports of flat and coiled steel products have been suspended since August 2022
The UK introduced sanctions against Russian MMK and Severstal

Severstal also fell under the new sanctions of Australia
Negotiations between Tata Steel and the UK regarding financial support are ongoing

The parties are still considering the request for an aid package
The UK will require reporting on the origin of steel in government projects

State projects in the country in 2020-2021 used steel worth £640 million
UK Steel supported consultations on the UK CBAM

Costs of British steel producers on carbon emissions in 2022 amounted to approximately $148 million
The UK starts consultations on its own analogue of CBAM

The UK and the EU will strengthen the coordination of mechanisms for carbon adjustment of imports
Th UK’s Barrett Steel has acquired Aartee Bright Bar

The deal did not include the business of hot rolled products