Tata Steel UK

Tata Steel UK imports 25 thousand tons of hot-rolled coil from India

The products are mainly intended for the company's distribution centers

Tata Steel may consider curtailing some operations in the UK

The company expects to receive financial support from the British government within 12-24 months

Negotiations between Tata Steel and the UK regarding financial support are ongoing

The parties are still considering the request for an aid package

Tata Steel may shut down Port Talbot blast furnace

The company seeks to learn about the details of steel support by July 2023

The UK’s government will offer a support package for British Steel and Tata Steel

Each of the companies will receive grants in the amount of about £300 million ($371 million)

Tata Steel threatens to close Port Talbot plant due to lack of government aid

The company has been asking the British government for £1.5 billion for a decarbonization program for two years, but the authorities are silent