Рост промпроизводства в США в январе замедлился до 0,9% (с) truthout.org
United States suspends steel tariffs for Ukraine for a year
The decision is political in first place
Ukraine needs trade barriers removed to support its economy
Export opportunities are more important than macro-financial assistance or loans
White House considers suspending tariffs on Ukraine-made steel
Special duty on hot-rolled thick sheets, hot-rolled coils, rebar and pipes are among the most painful for Ukrainian steelmakers
European Commission proposed to suspend duties on imports from Ukraine
Import duties on all Ukrainian exports to the EU may be suspended for one year
Ukraine lost 3.5 million tons of metal exports due to trade barriers
Financial losses from existing tariffs and quotas are equivalent to the loss of a large steel plant
UK canceled all duties and quotas for Ukrainian goods
In 2021, Ukraine increased exports to the UK by 62.4%, to $1.1 billion
UK to cut tariffs and quotas on goods from Ukraine
Now the average import duty on Ukrainian goods is about 22%