Interpipe is testing new routes to the EU – Oleksiy Yanovsky

The Ukrainian industrial company — an exporter of steel pipes and railway products — also hopes to restore full-fledged sea container transportation from Ukraine

Challenges for Ukrainian iron and steel industry in 2024

Supporting export potential, staffing and ramping up production remain the main issues for Ukrainian steel sector

A river port and a multimodal terminal may appear in Zakarpattia

Regional authorities are studying the prospects for the implementation of this project

Mostyska container terminal handled 72.4 TEU of cargo in 2023

Over the past year, the consolidated volume of processing of general, bulk and bulk cargoes increased to 286,000 tons

Dry bulk prices show volatility at the beginning of the year

The shipping crisis in the Red Sea affects global trade, but has not yet significantly affected the transportation of steel products

Stalkanat has lost $1.8 million due to the blockade of the Polish border since November

In November, losses amounted to about $800,000, and as of December – about $1 million due to unsettled contracts

Ukraine and Poland held the first meeting of transport industry representatives

The parties discussed possible compromises and agreed on the need for further rounds of consultations

Safe corridor: how Ukrainian exports through ports work now

The majority of vessels arriving at the ports of Greater Odessa are intended for the export of grain cargo

EBRD will provide €182 million for the Lviv-Rava-Ruska highway overhaul

Modernization of the highway will improve transport connections between Ukraine and the EU

Port of Riga increased transshipment of ferrous metals by 43.1% y/y in January-July

Ore transshipment at the port of Riga decreased by 54.1% y/y over 7 months

Port of Riga increased transshipment of ferrous metals by 37.1% y/y in January-June

Iron ore transshipment in the port of Riga decreased by 39.9% y/y in 6 months

The construction of the Izmail-Reni railway branch is proposed in Ukraine

New projects in the Odesa region should contribute to the development of alternative logistics routes

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