Resilience lessons: How iron & steel industry of Ukraine cope with logistic challenges

Ukrainian pig iron returned to the US market and rolled products are sold around the world

Dmytro Spatar: Ferrexpo was helped by long-term contracts and traditionally diversified logistics

How the company adapted to logistical restrictions in the situation of blocking sea ports

Szczecin-Świnoujście port reduced iron ore transshipment by 45% y/y in the first quarter

In March, the port complex has reduced the processing of iron ore by 51.5%

The port of Szczecin-Świnoujście in January reduced iron ore transshipment by 12.9% y/y

In general, the port complex increased cargo handling by 20.7% y/y for the month

Dmytro Moskalenko: «In 2022, UDP transported 500,000 tons of iron and steel products»

The head of Ukrainian Danube Shipping about the current situation with freight transportation in the Danube region

How the stainless steel market has changed in Ukraine: demand, price trends, forecasts

In the stainless steel market, demand remained higher than in the ferrous rolled steel market

Queues of wagons at the western crossings are growing amid increased iron ore transportation

Volumes of iron ore cargo transportation in the direction of western transits are increasing due to the improvement of the price situation on the EU market

Ukraine can ensure economic growth in 2023 — Minister of Economy

One of the key aspects is the expansion of logistics routes

UZ plans to create a carrier company to operate in Europe

The company can be established by the end of this year

A multimodal terminal will be built in the Bulgarian port of Ruse on the Danube

The cost of the project is about €27 million for technical design and construction

Lines of wagons at border crossings decreased by 10% m/m in February 2023

As of mid-February, there are 14,944,000 freight railcars in the queue for transfer to the European Union

Metinvest may be interested in the privatization of large ports — CEO of Metinvest

In the first half of 2022, Metinvest rebuilt the logistics of raw materials

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