Ministry of Infrastructure
The government plans to stimulate the creation of joint railway checkpoints with the EU

Due to this, it is planned to speed up the logistics of domestic exporters

MIU created a register of damaged and destroyed property

The register will be used to provide compensation for damaged housing, as well as to manage the rebuilding process

Ukraine and the UK signed a post-war infrastructure reconstruction plan

The UK partners will share engineering knowledge and assist with expertise, as well as provide a new support package

Infrastructure Ministry to increase Danube ports capacities by 1.7 times

The ports on the Danube could handle about 25 million tons of cargo per year, if the project succeed

It will cost $2-3 billion to change track width at one railway line

Alexander Kubrakov, Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure, urge to invest in border crossings capacities

Ukraine to build new railway terminals at the state border

It may increase rail freight transportation by at least 50% of pre-war levels

Мариупольский порт с мая начнет отгрузки металлургического шлака (c) ГП «ММТП»
Almost 70 vessels are blocked in Ukraine’s seaports

The government says the damage to port infrastructure worth tens of billions of hryvnias, and it will take 2-2.5 years to rebuild it