ThyssenKrupp increased the number of orders by 12% in the 2021/2022 financial year

In the conditions of a difficult market situation, the company achieved and exceeded all financial goals

The energy crisis hit Thyssenkrupp hard — СЕО

The company welcomed the German commission's proposal to set a fixed price for gas for industry

ThyssenKrupp will supply green steel for Miele

The iron direct reduction plant to be launched in 2026

ThyssenKrupp invests €2 billion in the production of green steel in Germany

The company plans to build a direct reducing iron unit at the Duisburg plant

Thyssenkrupp’s operating profit tripled thanks to steel prices

Strong steel prices contributed to strong third-quarter financial results

German ThyssenKrupp may stop production in case of gas shortage – Argus

German authorities plan to give priority in the supply of natural gas to the population, not to industrial consumers

EU court blocks establishment of Thyssenkrupp and Tata Steel joint venture

The joint venture could become the second largest steel producer in Europe

Thyssenkrupp Steel separates logistics into an independent division

The company expects a general increase in the efficiency of operations