Weakening steel market complicates Thyssenkrupp’s negotiations with Czech investor

The company continues negotiations with the Czech billionaire regarding the possible sale of part of the European steel division
Thyssenkrupp and CarbonChain launch a tool for green steel procurement

The collaboration is aimed at strengthening industry standards for emissions transparency and data quality
Thyssenkrupp is preparing a tender for the supply of hydrogen for the Duisburg steel plant

The steelmaking division aims to obtain 104 tons of hydrogen already in 2028
Thyssenkrupp Materials sells Spanish subsidiary

The buyer was the Spanish Arania, which is part of the Grupo Arania steel company
Thyssenkrupp Steel is starting a new production modernization project in Duisburg

Updated facilities will allow the company to better meet the needs of the market

Thyssenkrupp shuts down the Galmed steel plant in Spain

The enterprise specializes in the production of galvanized steel for the automotive industry
Thyssenkrupp seeks a partnership with the Czech billionaire’s EPH group

Among other things, possible energy cooperation is being discussed
Thyssenkrupp depreciated the steel division’s assets by €2.1 billion

The company received a net loss of €2 billion at the end of the 2022/2023 financial year
Thyssenkrupp notes a worsening situation on the steel market

Deteriorating market conditions do not affect negotiations with a potential investor

Thyssenkrupp is in talks to sell part of its business to a Czech billionaire

The agreement is expected to include the sale of 50% of the steel division to Daniel Kretynskyi
Thyssenkrupp is ready to consider an investment proposal from a Czech billionaire

In the steel division, the groups say that they are open to negotiations
ThyssenKrupp improves its forecast for the FY2022/2023

The company is still experiencing difficulties related to the drop in steel prices

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