Emirates Steel Arkan has lost interest in Thyssenkrupp’s steelmaking business

A company from the UAE is wary of certain business complications
Thyssenkrupp confirms agreement with government for €2 billion in green subsidies

Official funding approval will be announced in the coming days
EC approves €2.85 billion green subsidies for Thyssenkrupp and ArcelorMittal

Environmental subsidies will support the decarbonization of steel production processes

The Czech billionaire is interested in acquiring a stake in Thyssenkrupp Steel

The energy company of the potential investor can act as a supplier of energy resources for Thyssenkrupp
Germany is awaiting the approval of a €2 billion subsidy for ThyssenKrupp from the EC

The approval of the financing, according to the source, may take place in the coming weeks
Germany to give Thyssenkrupp €2 billion for environmental projects

The company will direct funds to the construction of a plant for the production of ecologically clean steel in Duisburg
A reduction in state support may disrupt the green project of ThyssenKrupp – trade unions

The company needs help in financing the construction of a DRI production plant in Duisburg
Emirates Steel Arkan interested in ThyssenKrupp’s steel division

One option involves the acquisition of a minority stake in ThyssenKrupp Steel

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