EBA: Ukraine can cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40–45% by 2030
EBA: Ukraine can cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40–45% by 2030
That requires heavy investments in decarbonization efforts
Бизнес назвал экологические приоритеты на 2021 год (с) shutterstock.com
Business named environmental priorities for 2021
The list includes a cut in greenhouse gas emissions and industrial pollution control reform
Business proposes a reform of Ukraine’s environmental policy
The European Business Association presents an environmental legislation reform program
Business calls on the Government to step up the launch of the marke...
A delayed launch of the CO2 emission allowances market increases the risk of imposing carbon tax on Ukrainian
Бизнес призывает Раду ввести мораторий на увеличение эконалога (с) shutterstock.com
Business calls to impose moratorium on a hike in environmental tax
If environmental tax rate increases, the Ukrainian industrial sector may suffer significant losses
Премьер допускает смягчение карантинного режима после майских праздников (c) unian.net
The Prime Minister says the quarantine may be eased after May holidays
Until a vaccine is found, mass events will be banned and public transport restricted
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Environmental tax payments of Ukrainian steelmakers increased by 40...
The business paid ₴3.9 billion in environmental tax over the last year