humanitarian aid
Metinvest provided UAH 9.5 million for the construction of the Mine Action Center

One of the main tasks of the center will be professional training of sappers
Metinvest handed over pickup trucks worth UAH 3 million to the National Guard

Defenders of Ukraine have already begun to prepare vehicles for combat missions
Metinvest launched serial production of anti-mine trawls for the Armed Forces

The units are mounted on tanks for neutralizing and detonating anti-tank and anti-personnel mines
The hospital is being reconstructed in Kryvyi Rih with the support of Metinvest

The company has allocated more than UAH 40 million for the restoration of medical facility departments
Metinvest handed over a car worth UAH 2 million to the SSU special unit

The special forces received two pickup trucks and a minibus
Metinvest has already allocated UAH 10.6 million to the development of tactical medicine

Since the full-scale invasion, a total of over 18,000 people have received vital knowledge
Metinvest handed over 250 more drones to the military

The total cost of this batch of equipment amounted to UAH 10 million
Metinvest-SMC handed over 50 bulletproof vests to Kherson volunteers

Ammunition provided to volunteers has the 4th class of protection
Metinvest handed over a batch of UAVs and armored cars to the border guards

The total cost of the transferred equipment amounted to UAH 16 million
Zaporizhstal handed over a batch of medicines worth UAH 5 million to the city’s hospitals

Six hospitals received approximately 25,000 packages of medical preparations
Metinvest transferred a mobile data processing center to the front

The market value of such a data center is UAH 15 million
Lemtrans handed over equipment for the Armed Forces worth more than UAH 3 million

The defenders received 8 DJI Matrice quadcopters and 8 Starlink terminals

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