humanitarian aid
Rudomine together with FC Kryvbas handed over 8 off-road vehicles to the AFU

Before handing over the cars, they were carefully prepared taking into account all technical requirements, and also painted in pixel
Metinvest will help Kryvyi Rih workers rebuild their housing after rocket attacks

Employees whose homes were damaged as a result of rocket attacks will receive financial assistance for housing restoration
Ingulets Mining helped repair roads in Shirokivska and Karpivska territorial communities

The workers of the plant renewed the transport connection with Kryvyi Rih and Kherson region, which is convenient for people

Zaporizhabrasive participated in the creation of a project on military leadership training

The educational initiative is aimed at training commanders of various ranks of the non-commissioned staff and junior officers
Metinvest handed over 30 ambulances for 18 million UAH to the AFU doctors

The cars were assembled for more than a month, all of them were delivered from Italy

Metinvest helps the AFU engineers to build fortifications around Pokrovsk

Work on the protection of the city has been ongoing since August 2022
Metinvest has directed UAH 3.7 billion to help Ukraine since the beginning of the war

More than UAH 2 billion from the total amount went to the needs of the army through the military initiative «Steel Front» of Rinat Akhmetov
Metinvest handed over 2 thermal imaging devices to the National Police of the Zaporizhia region

The Dahua Thermal Scope c435 thermal imaging sight allows to see the thermal radiation of objects at night
Metinvest has handed over 450 power supply systems to the defenders of Ukraine since the beginning of the war

The company supplies the military with generators, batteries and charging stations
Metinvest has already handed over 200 mobile shelters to the defenders of Ukraine

First of all, shelter is provided in the Donetsk direction – Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Pokrovsk
Metinvest will allocate UAH 50 million to the reconstruction of a historic building in Zaporizhzhia

Reconstruction of the building damaged by Russian shelling will begin on May 29, 2023

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