Problems with energy supplies did not lead to lower production in steel industry

Due to the risks of new strikes on the energy infrastructure, no one can guarantee the stability of power supply

Rudomine was operating at 50% of production capacity in 2023

The company has reduced the production of iron ore in Kryvyi Rih by 25% from 2022
Rudomine together with FC Kryvbas handed over 8 off-road vehicles to the AFU

Before handing over the cars, they were carefully prepared taking into account all technical requirements, and also painted in pixel
Rudomine will provide production processes with water from its own lake

The plant created a technological reservoir, which is filled by pumping mine water
Rudomine continues to develop a project to restore the Dolynsky Mining

The first meeting of the working group regarding the attempt to implement the test section of iron ore processing was held
Rudomine has handed over UAH 50 million to the defenders of Ukraine since the beginning of the war

The enterprise also helped in the construction of defense structures for Kryvyi Rih

Rudomine paid UAH 500 million in taxes in 2022

During the year, the company transferred UAH 330 million to the state budget, and UAH 170 million to the city budget

Volodymyr Kolos: Rudomine operates at the level of 50% of pre-war volumes

The company continues the implementation of the Dolynsk Mining project. In particular, project and research work is ongoing

Kryvyi Rih’s minings and industrial enterprises were not injured as a result of the Karachuny reservoir’s destruction

On September 14, 2022, Russia launched a massive missile attack on Kryvyi Rih, damaging the dam of the reservoir

Rudomine agreed with Kryvyi Rih National University on the training of specialists

Kryvyi Rih National University will train specialists in the field of mining and processing of minerals

“Rudomain” allocated UAH 15 million for the needs of the defenders of Ukraine

The company supported the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense of Kryvyi Rih

Rudomain acquires part of KGOKOR’s property for ₴451 million

The company plans to allocate $100 million for ‘resuscitation’ of a part of Soviet abandoned construction site