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The workers of the plant renewed the transport connection with Kryvyi Rih and Kherson region, which is convenient for people

The Ingulets Mining and Processing Plant (Ingulets GOK) of the Metinvest Group helped repair damaged sections of roads in Shirokivska and Karpivska territorial communities of Kryvorizkyi District. This is reported by Metinvest Kryvyi Rih on the Facebook page.

«While the enemy brings only destruction, we restore, even during war. In total, a team of workers of the Ingulets Mining poured and laid 12.5 km of highways,» the message says.

The Ingulets Mining sent specialists from the motor vehicle shop and the technological motor vehicle shop to backfill and restore the road surface. A lot of equipment was involved in the work of hauling road material and its laying, in particular: dump trucks, a grader, a wheeled bulldozer.

In general, it was possible to renew 2 km of the road in Shirokivska and more than 10 km in Karpivska territorial communities.

«Thanks to the work carried out, the employees of InGOK and all residents of nearby villages can once again quickly and safely travel to work and for personal matters along the usual route. Last year, we also helped Shirokivska territorial community with the reconstruction of the crossing, which was damaged as a result of rocket fire on the dam of the Karachuniv reservoir. We also built a new dam to restore transport connections in the village of Andriyivka of the Karpiv region,» said Oleksandr Gerasimchuk, CEO of Ingulets GOK.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Ingulets GOK at the beginning of February 2023 built a dam on the Ingulets River in the village of Andriivka, Karpivska territorial community of Kryvorizkyi District. Until a certain time, due to the proximity of the front line, the construction of an embankment crossing was impossible.

Also, workers of the Ingulets GOK built a new crossing over the Ingulets River in the village of Shyroke in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The crossing was damaged as a result of a rocket attack on the Kryvyi Rih hydrostructure – then a large volume of water entered the Karachuny Reservoir into the river bed, causing destruction and flooding.