Ingulets river

This made it possible for residents of the southern part of the Karpivka community to get to work and important infrastructure facilities

The Ingulets Mining and Processing Plant (InGOK) of the Metinvest Group built a dam on the Ingulets River in the village of Andriivka, Karpivka Territorial Community of Kryvorizky District. This is stated in the press release of Metinvest.Media.

“The Ingulets River divides the whole Andriivka of the Karpivka territorial community in half. To get from the left bank to the right, the local population used to use a capital concrete bridge. But at the beginning of the war, they decided to temporarily disable it for security purposes. Since then, direct transport across the river has become impossible. It was possible to get to the opposite bank of Ingulets only by detouring through Karpivka, making a big circle at the same time,” the report says.

Until a certain time, due to the proximity of the front line, the construction of an embankment crossing was impossible. But after the retreat of the enemy to a safe distance from the village, InGOK began construction of a crossing. The plant’s specialists determined the territory, laid pipes for the passage of water, filled the dam with crushed stone, compacted the road surface with fine aggregate and installed steel handrails.

“We responded to the request of the Karpivka community and in a short time carried out work on the construction of the crossing. This will help the residents of Andriivka, Horodovatka, and Vesely Stav to conveniently reach the other side of Ingulets, where the school, village council, dispensary are located, and there is a direct road to work at the Ingulets GOK. After the completion of the construction of the dam, the usual traffic of the regular bus and emergency service vehicles has already resumed. In the conditions of war, people’s support is extremely important,” said the CEO of the Ingulets GOK Oleksandr Gerasymchuk.

As GMK Center reported earlier, workers of the Ingulets GOK built a new crossing over the Ingulets River in the village of Shyroke in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The crossing was damaged as a result of a rocket attack on the Kryvyi Rih hydrostructure – then a large volume of water entered the Karachuny Reservoir into the river bed, causing destruction and flooding.