The company participated in the construction of fortifications from the first days of the full-scale invasion

Metinvest Group has mobilized additional resources for the construction of military fortifications of the first and second lines of defense in key areas of the combat zone. This is stated in the company’s press release.

From the first days of the full-scale invasion, Metinvest has been involved in the construction of fortifications in the cities where it operates. In coordination with the Ministry of Defense and in cooperation with the engineering troops, the company identified priority areas for creating defense belts. The company’s specialists and heavy equipment are working 24/7 to build defensive structures that will provide additional protection for the townspeople and Ukrainian soldiers.

The intensity of this activity has increased, with the most active work going on around the clock in the Donetsk sector, where the work is carried out in cooperation with the Donetsk Regional Military-Civilian Administration.

According to Metinvest’s Chief Operating Officer Olexander Myronenko, the enemy keeps trying to break through the Ukrainian defense, so the company considers it necessary to mobilize additional resources for the construction of military engineering and fortifications along the contact line.

«This is a vital decision aimed at increasing the effectiveness of defensive structures and strengthening the Ukrainian defenders’ resistance against the enemy invasion. We will defend our right to live and work on free Ukrainian land side by side with the Armed Forces of Ukraine!» he said.

According to the company, the construction of the fortifications involves highly skilled professionals (drivers, crane and excavator operators) and diversified equipment. In addition, Metinvest carries out earthworks, provides building materials, timber, and mobile steel shelters, which are the company’s own design, to create the defense belts.

«Every business today should follow Metinvest’s example and fully mobilise their resources to prevent the enemy from advancing. We must keep our peaceful cities from looking like my hometown of Avdiivka,» Musa Mahomedov, the project coordinator and a member of parliament in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, added

As GMK Center reported earlier, the company handed over eight mine trawls to the military, which are already in operation. Two more were waiting to be picked up by the military, five were in the process of being produced, and by the end of December these units will also be handed over to the Armed Forces. Metinvest estimates the military’s need for mine trawls at 100 units per month. Currently, the Group produces five such units per month and has the capacity to increase its production.