The total cost of this batch of equipment amounted to UAH 10 million

The Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) received 250 drones of various modifications from the Metinvest group. This batch of equipment with a total value of UAH 10 million was provided free of charge through Rinat Akhmetov’s «Steel Front» military initiative. It is stated in the message of Metinvest.Media.

Recently, another batch of UAVs was received by the military unit of the 27th Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The military was provided with 200 FPV drones, 30 DJI Mavic FMC drones and 20 DJI Mavic 3T with thermal imagers. These 250 drones will strengthen the defense capability of Ukrainian soldiers.

According to the military, drones of such models will be useful for reconnaissance and reconnaissance even at night.

«UAVs are new weapons that have not been widely and massively used before. But for intelligence, they are completely suitable. If before a person walked alone, risking his life, now a machine performs this task for him,» explains the captain, acting head of the missile and artillery service of military unit 27 Maxim Kudan.

According to him, the efficiency of drones depends primarily on the skill and experience of the operator. In addition, modern drones can be further improved, and thus made much more effective in matters of destroying the enemy.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, Metinvest has handed over 1,500 UAVs to various units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

As GMK Center reported earlier, Metinvest group through the military initiative «Steel Front» established serial production of engineering structures that perform the role of lancet catchers, protecting expensive military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from enemy drone attacks.