«Интерпайп» в январе-июле увеличил выпуск ж/д продукции на 0,5% (c) GMK Center
Interpipe increased production in the railway segment by 0.5% in Ja...
On the other hand, production of steel and pipes declined
Ukrainian steelmakers cut steel production by 6.8% in 7 months
Production of pipes and tubes plummeted 28.5% to 0.47 million tons in January to July
«Метинвест» в первом полугодии нарастил производство стали на 1% (c)
Metinvest ramped up steel production by 1% in H1
Pig iron production in the same period also increased by 1%
Ukraine’s mining & metals sector cut steel production by 6.7% ...
Production of rolled products fell by 3.2% and pig iron by 1.1%
АМКР в январе-июне сократил выпуск проката на 4,3% (c)
AMKR increased production of rolled products by 4.3% in H1
Production of steel and pig iron also went down
Украинский ГМК в январе-июне сократил производство стали на 7,6% (c) The Guardian
Ukraine’s steel production declined by 7.6% in H1
Production of pig iron and rolled products dropped as well
ДМЗ в июне выплавил 13 тыс. т стали и 18 тыс. т чугуна (c)
Dnipro Metallurgical Plant produced 13 thousand tons of steel in June
The plant begins to gradually restore production after repair
Steel consumption in Ukraine in 2019 remained the same
Steel consumption per capita in Ukraine was at the level of 129 kg annually in 2019.
Steel consumption in Russia grew by 7.9% in 2019
The share of Russia in the total consumption of steel within the post-Soviet space reaches 75%
За два года производство грузовых автомобилей в Беларуси выросло на почти на 80%
Steel consumption in Belarus dropped by 11% in 2019
Belarus’s share in the total consumption of steel in the CIS is 3%
Украинский ГМК в мае сократил производство стали на 10,3% (c)
Ukraine’s mining & metals sector cut steel production by 10.3%
Production of rolled products decreased by 16.3% over a month
Украинский ГМК в мае сократил выпуск стали на 11,1% (c)
Ukraine’s mining & metals sector cut steel production by 11.1%
Conversely, steel production increased against April