steel products

Ukraine’s revenue from exports of metals fell by 19.6%
In July, Ukrainian steelmaking companies exported ferrous metals worth $618.5 million
The situation in Ukraine’s key export markets sharply deteriorated ...
The global market of metal products is likely to remain volatile next year
Prices for mining & metals products are falling, while prices ...
In the first ten months of the current year, only iron ore prices grew, and only due to the rise of the global prices. In October, the global prices fell too
The volume of new orders in the steel industry dropped by almost 10%
Conversely, the volume of orders for finished steel products is growing
AMKR’s product stocks increased 2.8 times
Accumulated product stocks amount to 419 thousand tons, which exceeds the average monthly output of the company
Pipe playing: how many steel products does the oil & gas indus...
The annual pipe consumption in the domestic oil & gas industry is estimated at around 100–130 thousand tons
Последствия аварии на хвостохранилище Vale.
The first quarter: a record rise in the iron ore price and stabilit...
Despite a raw material price hike around the globe, the cost of steel products in Ukraine remained almost the same in the first quarter