USA canceled anti-dumping measures on the import of twisted wire from Ukraine

Previously, the dumping margin was 19.3% and was effective from 2021

EU will allocate €50 million to Ukraine for the restoration of port infrastructure

Improvement of port facilities will accelerate the export of food and other goods
Ukraine became a full participant in the EU infrastructure development program

The implementation of the program, in particular, will contribute to the improvement of transport connections with the EU and the establishment of exports
NEURC sets new price caps on the electricity market

The new maximum prices will come into effect from December 2023
Greece proposes to open a railway connection with three countries to connect with Ukraine

The project can become an alternative option for trade relations between states
Ukraine will allocate UAH 1.8 billion to restore critical logistics infrastructure

More than 912 million will be allocated to restore the railway infrastructure.

The volume of completed construction works in Ukraine increased by 18.4% in the first half of 2023

The growth of the industry is connected with the restoration of various engineering facilities

Breaking the blockade: what export cargo goes through seaports

Ukraine has opened a temporary corridor for ships to its ports, but no one gives guarantees of its stability and security

Ukraine could lose up to 50% of pig iron output due to CBAM

Total annual export losses could reach $1.4 bln till 2030
Business community presented the concept of the Ukrainian emission quota trading market

The research aims to launch a relevant discussion in Ukraine
How much scrap can Ukraine prepare?

Scrap collectors predict collection at the level of 1.2-1.25 million tons in 2023, and steelmakers need 1.9 million tons of scrap
EBRD will provide €182 million for the Lviv-Rava-Ruska highway overhaul

Modernization of the highway will improve transport connections between Ukraine and the EU

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