The government supported the simplification of rail transit between Ukraine and Moldova

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the draft law on rail transit between the two countries without stops
Ukraine continues work on the logistics development for exports

One of the priorities is the development of navigation on the Danube
Slovakian ZSSK Cargo recorded a 25% m/m decrease in shipments from Ukraine in July

One of the reasons is the decrease in cargo acceptance by U.S. Steel Kosice
Ukraine needs to build almost 3,300 km of Eurotrack

This step is foreseen by the strategy of integration of Ukraine and the European Union's railway networks
European slab market: who replaced the shares of Ukraine and Russia?

European consumers are preparing for the entry into force of sanctions on slabs and are looking for alternative suppliers
Business urges Ukraine and Poland to speed up the signing of the agreement on a common border

The business community of the two countries is also asking for the improvement of border checkpoints
Ukraine received another tranche from the EU for €1.5 billion

The funds will be used to finance priority expenditures of the state budget
Turkish coated coil exports fell 50% y/y in January-May

The reduction in supplies was caused by the introduction of an anti-dumping duty by the European Union and low demand in global markets
Ukraine is working on a renovation plan as part of the Ukraine Facility

Government encourages businesses to submit proposals for priority development sectors
Turkiye imported 227.5 thousand tons of iron ore from Ukraine in May

The supply of Ukrainian iron ore to Turkish consumers resumed for the first time since January 2023

Ukraine resumes anti-dumping investigations against steel products

ICIT plans to complete investigations on coated steel, wire and pipes from China, and bars from Belarus
Metinvest will make a trident for the Motherland Monument in Kyiv

Metinvest will also become a financial partner of the project for the reconstruction of the memo

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