Ukraine’s trade turnover in the first quarter amounted to $26 billion

During the period, Ukraine imported goods worth $16 billion, and exported $10 billion

Industrial production in Ukraine to grow by 5.9% y/y in 2023

Production at steel ore mining enterprises was hit the hardest

How Ukraine can protect its steel market from imports

Globalization is over, protection of the domestic market is the only thing that can save local producers in the EU, USA and Ukraine

US-Ukraine: balance of iron and steel trade

Existing trade barriers for Ukrainian steel products limit the possibility of restoring the production of steel enterprises
ECA supported Ukrainian exports by UAH 276.4 mln in February

One hryvnia of the agency's insurance liability accounted for UAH 24.5 of future revenue
Losses from the blockade on the Polish border amount to €700 thousand per company – EBA

Transportation costs have increased in 98% of surveyed companies

Ukraine considers alternatives to unload the border with Poland

Container transportation on the Danube and the Black Sea will allow to relieve part of the traffic

Ukraine – China: balance in iron and steel trade

Ukraine has the potential to increase iron ore exports to China, but imports of Chinese coated sheets and pipes threaten local producers
US extends anti-dumping measures against rebar from seven countries

The DOC found that the reversal of the relevant decisions could lead to the continuation or recurrence of dumping
European Parliament Committee approves extension of duty-free trade with Ukraine

Previously, such a decision was approved by the ambassadors of the member states of the bloc through the Committee of Permanent Representatives
EC proposes changes to the transport visa-free regime with Ukraine

The new clauses should facilitate the implementation of the agreement and ensure its compliance by member states

Record 8 million tons of cargo exported via the Ukrainian sea corridor in February

5.2 million tons of this volume were produced by Ukrainian farmers

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