Montenegro offers Ukraine to transport goods through the port of Bar
The total capacity of the port reaches 5 million tons per year, and on average only 50% of its potential is used
Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the UN agreed on the export of grain fr...
The signing of the agreement should help unload border crossings and create conditions for the resumption of the work of steel enterprises
Decreasing grain export from Ukraine can cause global food shortage
Food shortage will fuel inflation and accelerate migration from Africa and Middle East
Szczecin-Świnoujście port increased iron ore shipments by 3.5 times...
According to the results of the first half of the year, the port complex increased the shipping of iron ore by 68.2%
In Ukraine, inflation increase hit 3.1% in June
Year-on-year growth in consumer prices reached 21.5%
Inflation in Ukraine hit 20.1% in June
The key inflation factors are high energy prices, disruption of logistics, destruction of industrial facilities and infrastructure
Ukraine to discuss some rules on CBAM participation with EU
Ukrainian businesses expect exporters to pay more than €1bn in carbon taxes
Australia canceled tariffs on Ukrainian imports for a year
In 2021, Ukrainian imports to Australia amounted to about $122 million
Bloomberg: Ukraine is working on national debt restructuring
Earlier, Ukrainian authorities denied the need to restructure or write off the national debt
In June, Ukraine reduced iron ore exports by 23%
In monetary terms, iron ore exports fell by 32.8% in 4 months
Port of Gdańsk has completed a $134 million investment program
Almost 5 km of berths, 7 km of fairway were modernized; navigation improved
G7 to direct revenues from raising tariffs on Russian goods to Ukraine
United States to increase tariffs on 570 groups of Russian goods worth $2.3 billion