The EU extended the regime of duty-free trade with Ukraine for one year

The European Union suspends all tariffs, quotas and trade protection measures on Ukrainian exports until June 2024
New business deregulation initiatives were supported in Ukraine

The Working Group on deregulation has provided a number of recommendations in the field of general regulatory rules
The European Union reduced imports of pig iron from Ukraine by 27.3% y/y in the first quarter

In March 2023, supplies of Ukrainian pig iron to EU countries have increased 4 times

Ukraine increased the import of flat products in 2023 by 2.4 times

The need to import flat products is directly related to the destruction of two plants in Mariupol, which were occupied
Ukrainian business will offer the market concept for local emissions trading system

The analyst company GMK Center will be the executor of the study
Ukraine is able to supply raw materials for DRI production in Europe – CEO of Metinvest

Building DRI production capacity could be part of the country's recovery
The European Parliament supported the continuation of customs duties abolition on Ukrainian products

The liberalization of the trade regime with Ukraine is planned to be extended for another year – until June 5, 2024
The government announced plans to launch the Development Fund of Ukraine

The fund's activities will be directed to key sectors of the Ukrainian economy

Limestone shipments by rail decreased by 31% y/y in January-April

The main consumers were the enterprises of the steel sector
Ukraine is creating the State Fund for decarbonization and energy-efficient transformation

The corresponding law was signed by President Volodymyr Zelenskyi
Ukraine continues its integration into the EU single market

The country uses the standards of the European Union, building the internal market
Resilience lessons: How iron & steel industry of Ukraine cope with logistic challenges

Ukrainian pig iron returned to the US market and rolled products are sold around the world

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