Ukraine will focus on export growth model — Minister of Economy

The state will focus on the development of industries that will have the greatest effect in this area

Turkiye imported 86,000 tons of iron ore from Ukraine in September 2022

In January-September 2022, the import of Ukrainian iron ore by Turkiye decreased by 37.05%

About €300 million is needed to restore Ukraine’s energy sector after the Russian shelling

Last week, 17 EU countries sent 500 electricity generators to Ukraine

The development of a feasibility study for the expansion of the eurotrack to Ukraine has started

The development of border crossing points was discussed separately

Ukraine opens a new checkpoint on the border with Romania

The new point Krasnoilsk – Vikovu de Sous should relieve the Porubne – Siret crossing

The European Commission will present a €18 billion financial assistance plan to Ukraine

The program provides up to €1.5 billion per month to finance the main functions of the state

The EU is ready to allocate €25.5 million for the needs of Ukraine’s energy system

About 20 countries have provided Ukraine with the necessary equipment

Ukraine in 2023 will need up to $5 billion in external financing every month

The World Bank estimates the total needs for reconstruction at approximately $349 billion

Turkiye reduced iron ore imports from Ukraine by 60% y/y in August 2022

In January-August 2022, the import of Ukrainian iron ore by Turkiye decreased by 47.7%

ANNOUNCEMENT: Online discussion on international transport from CSCMP Ukraine

Structural changes and trends in international transport in Europe and Ukraine in 2022

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