Turkey increased imports of billets from Ukraine by 28% in 5M
Ukrainian steel products accounted for 16% of Turkey’s total imports in the same period
Турция в январе-апреле ипортировала из Украины 112 тыс. т чугуна
Turkey imported 112 thousand tons of pig iron from Ukraine in 4M
In April, Turkish steelmakers boosted pig iron imports from Ukraine by 53.2%
Украина подозревает в демпинге по импорту проволоки из Китая (c)
Ukraine suspects Chinese wire importers of dumping
ICIT launches an anti-dumping investigation into imports of metal products from China
Потребление проката в Украине за январь-апреле увеличилось на 7,8%
Consumption of rolled products in Ukraine went up 7.8% in 4M
Ukraine consumed 1.4 million tons of rolled products in 4M
Потребление проката в Украине в январе-марте сократилось на 6,4% (c)
Consumption of rolled products in Ukraine fell by 6.4% in Q1 2021
Ukraine consumed 905 thousand tons of rolled products in Q1
Экспорт металлолома из Украины в январе-марте вырос в 5,7 раза (c)
Ukraine’s scrap exports grew by 5.7 times in Q1
Exports of the Ukrainian raw material have been reducing since 2018
Кабмин запретил ввоз ж/д колес из России в Украину
The Government banned imports of railway wheels from Russia
Wheel axles are also on the list of Russian goods banned from imports into Ukraine
В январе-феврале импорт коксующихся углей в Украину вырос на 10%
Ukraine’s imports of coking coals grew by 10% in 2M 2021
Ukrainian producers imported 0.029 million tons of coke in 2M
Duties on wire rod did not stop imports from Moldova
Ukraine’s imports of wire rod increased by 20.3% to 72.6 thousand tons in 2020
Украина продлила ограничения на импорт стрелочных переводов из России
Ukraine extends restrictions on railway switch imports from Russia
The anti-dumping duty has been extended for another 5 years
Украина продлила ограничения на импорт нержавеющих труб из КНР
Ukraine extends restrictions on stainless pipes imports from China
The anti-dumping duties have been extended for another 5 years