import duties

UK extends import duties on steel
Tariffs on steel imports from China and other countries have been extended for two years more; Ukrainian steel will be released from duties
Duties suspension on Ukraine’s imports to the EU came into force
Ukrainian producers can import goods into the EU duty-free for one year
Eurasian Economic Commission extended the duty on Ukrainian ferrosi...
The antidumping duty of 26.35% extended until December 24, 2022
Remove trade barriers, no more risks
The EU market easily absorbs all steel exports from Ukraine
European Commission proposed to suspend duties on imports from Ukraine
Import duties on all Ukrainian exports to the EU may be suspended for one year
EU considers ending of all tariffs and quotas on exports from Ukraine
European Union is Ukraine's largest trade partner, accounting for more than 40% of its trade in 2019
UK canceled all duties and quotas for Ukrainian goods
In 2021, Ukraine increased exports to the UK by 62.4%, to $1.1 billion
US Senators ask Biden to lift 25% duty on steel import from Ukraine
The metallurgy has the key role for the post-war recovery, note American politicians
Australia to impose 35% duty on products from Russia, Belarus
The country ratching up economic sanctions in response to Russian invasion of Ukraine
ICIT to revise a 23.5% special duty on wire imports
The revision has been initiated by the Ministry of Digital Transformation
ICIT to impose a 23.5% duty on imports of wires in October
The safeguard measure will last for 3 years
Бразилия продлила пошлины на толстолистовую сталь из Украины (c)
Brazil extends anti-dumping duties on Ukrainian heavy plate
The safeguard measures were first imposed in 2013 and are now extended for five more years