import duties
Brazilian steelmakers are calling for higher import duties on steel

The industry demands an increase in the tax on steel imports from the current 9.6-12.8% to 25%
Türkiye again postponed the increase in import duties on flat products

Market participants are already anticipating a further delay
Turkiye postponed the increase in tariffs on the import of flat rolled products

The new rates will come into effect on April 1, 2023
The UK has extended tariff preferences for Ukraine until the beginning of 2024

The Ukrainian government will continue to work on the development of the economy
The European Commission proposes to extend trade benefits for Ukraine for one year

In 2022, Ukrainian exports to the EU amounted to $27.9 billion in monetary terms
US appeals WTO decision against steel tariffs

In December 2022, the WTO recognized the US tariffs on steel and aluminum as unjustified
The US Department of Commerce has ordered a review of NLMK’s slab import requests

The agency should review the rejection of 58 requests for exemption from steel import duties
UK considers introduction of CBAM analogue to protect steel industry

Duty could be a part of British Steel and Tata Steel UK support package
India will seek easing of EU steel import quotas and tariffs

The country will also express concerns about the EU-proposed CBAM
China exhausted six quotas for steel products for EU countries at the beginning of 2023

In 2022, Chinese imports of finished products to Europe amounted to almost 3 million tons
India demands the complete abolition of the import duty on coking coal

The import of coking coal meets about 85% of the country's annual needs
China revised the import duty on coking coal

From April 1, 2023, the import duty rate on coking coal will be 3%

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