ANNOUNCEMENT: Expert discussion «European experience for ETS implementing in Ukraine»

The EBA invites to join the discussion of the European experience for the introduction of the emissions trading system (ETS) in Ukraine
Ukraine increased electricity imports by 57.7% m/m in August

The export of electricity for the month decreased by 4 times m/m

Real European integration: how Ukrainian business invests in the EU

Opening own production in one of the EU countries is the right step to ensure access to the European market
Ukraine and Romania agreed to open a new checkpoint

The checkpoint will primarily be designed for freight transport

Asian producers have replaced the supply of long products from Russia to the EU

China, Türkiye, South Korea and India have become the beneficiaries of sanctions against Russian long products
ECA supported exports in the amount of over UAH 1 billion

At the beginning of August, the agency supported exports for more than UAH 6.2 billion
The deficit of foreign trade in goods increased fourfold in the first half of 2023

The export of goods for the first half of the year was $19.4 billion, and the import was $30.45 billion
The government supported the simplification of rail transit between Ukraine and Moldova

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the draft law on rail transit between the two countries without stops
Ukraine continues work on the logistics development for exports

One of the priorities is the development of navigation on the Danube
Slovakian ZSSK Cargo recorded a 25% m/m decrease in shipments from Ukraine in July

One of the reasons is the decrease in cargo acceptance by U.S. Steel Kosice
Ukraine needs to build almost 3,300 km of Eurotrack

This step is foreseen by the strategy of integration of Ukraine and the European Union's railway networks
European slab market: who replaced the shares of Ukraine and Russia?

European consumers are preparing for the entry into force of sanctions on slabs and are looking for alternative suppliers

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