export duties

The abolition of export duties will give impetus to the growth of Indian steel industry

In the future, this step may affect the European steel market

India lifted export duties on some steel products

The country's government has returned import duties on coke and coking coal

India is considering including steel in its export promotion scheme

The steel sector will need almost $244 million a year for compensation

43 countries globally have restricted the export of ferrous scrap

Restrictions will apply in 71 countries, or every third country in the world, after the adoption of appropriate measures in the EU and Mexico

India cut iron ore production by 3% in January-September 2022

The decrease in iron ore production occurred as a result of the introduction of export duties on finished steel and steel raw materials

Kazakhstan to extend the ban on scrap exports

The ban on the scrap metal export is expected to be extended for another 6 months in order to meet domestic demand

India’s steel export duty will act until at least December 2022

The effect of the export duty in the next few months will be a stabilizing factor in the market and will prevent its volatility

Steel export duty in India could be increased soon – JSW Steel

Domestic steel prices in India fell by more than 20% after the imposition of the duty

India’s introduction of export tariffs could hit the local steel market

Having weak domestic demand, Indian steel companies want to increase metal products exports to Europe

India introduced an export duty of 15% on 11 types of metal products

Export restrictions came into force on May 22, 2022