Turkiye reduced scrap imports by 4.5% m/m in December 2022

In 2022, the import of scrap metal decreased by 16.5% on an annual basis
World scrap prices increased by $10/t on the background of demand recovery

Scrap quotations in Turkiye for the week of January 23-30, 2023, increased to $420/t
UAVtormet expects an increase in the export of scrap from Ukraine in the 1st quarter of 2023

The amount of scrap in January-March 2023 is estimated at the level of 300-320 thousand tons
EUROFER calls on the European Union to include scrap in the list of critical raw materials

A high rate of raw material exports risks jeopardizing both Europe's strategic autonomy and its climate goals
Germany reduced scrap exports by 11% y/y in January-November 2022

In monetary terms, exports increased by 9.5% y/y in connection with the increase in scrap metal prices
World scrap prices are falling for the second week in a row

Scrap quotations in Turkiye for the week of January 16-23, 2023, decreased to $410/t

Scrap collection in Ukraine decreased by 75.9% in 2022

Military aggression from Russia remains the main negative factor for the industry
Scrap collection in Ukraine decreased to 996.7 thousand tons in 2022

Domestic supplies of scrap metal to steel plants for the year amounted to 895.7 thousand tons
The European Parliament approved the proposal on new rules for scrap export from the EU

EUROFER believes that stricter monitoring of exports to third countries is necessary
The Australian Steel Institute is proposing a ban on the export of unprocessed scrap

The export ban will release an additional 800,000 tons of processed scrap metal
Turkiye reduced scrap imports by 8.2% m/m in November 2022

In January-November 2022, the import of raw materials decreased by 12.8% year-on-year
ArcelorMittal buys scrap processing company Zlomex in Poland

This is the fourth scrap company that ArcelorMittal has acquired in 2022 in Europe

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