В Раде зарегистрировали законопроект о продлении пошлины на экспорт лома (c) Recycling International
The Parliament to consider a draft law on extending the scrap expor...
The authors propose to extend restrictions for another five years
(c) Nikkei
Steelmakers advocate for extension of the scrap exports duty for an...
Extension of that safeguard will make it possible to settle the situation around provision of steel companies with raw materials
Металлурги выступают за продление пошлины на экспорт лома
Steelmakers advocate for extension of duty on scrap exports
That protective measure expires in September 2021
Поставки лома на метпредприятия в январе выросли на 53,7%
Scrap supplies to steelmakers increased by 53.7% in January
As of the end of January, steelmakers’ scrap stocks amounted to 170–175 thousand tons
Обеспеченность метпредприятий ломом в 2020 году сократилась на 4% (c) Nikkei
Scrap stocks fell by 4% in 2020
Exports of scrap dropped by 14.9% over the year
«УАВтормет» прогнозирует снижение ломозаготовки в 2021 году на 6,2%
UAVtormet predicts a drop in scrap collection in 2021 at 6–9%
The Association expects the steel output in 2021 to remain at the past year’s level, 20 to 20.5 million tons
(c) ProZorro Sales
The Ukrainian Railways to sell 380 thousand tons of scrap in 2021
In 2020, the state-owned company increased scrap sales by 50% in financial terms or by 40 thousand tons in physical terms
Обеспеченность метпредприятий ломом в январе-сентябре сократилась на 12%
Available scrap decreased by 12% in January–September
Exports of raw materials down 39% in the first nine months of 2020
Ukraine’s scrap exports fell by 95.6% in March
Scrap export revenue fell by 46.1% in Q1 2020
The Parliament registered the draft law on the scrap market unshado...
The document has already been agreed on with all sectoral associations and the Ministry of Economic
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