Türkiye reduced scrap imports by 19.5% y/y in April

In January-April, the total volume of import deliveries of raw materials to Turkish consumers decreased by 23% y/y
Activity in global scrap markets has slowed due to high uncertainty

Steel plants have reduced purchases of raw materials to a minimum in anticipation of positive signals on the steel market

Collection of scrap in Ukraine doubled m/m in April

Domestic deliveries of raw materials to steel mills fell by 2.7% m/m in April 2023
Prices for scrap metal in Turkiye are on the way to $360/t

In most of the world's scrap metal markets, raw material quotations are falling due to reduced demand for steel
Scrap prices continue to fall in most global markets

Falling steel prices make it impossible to buy scrap at current prices
Global scrap prices are increasing losses amid weak demand

Steelmakers are refusing to buy scrap because they are unsure of future steel sales
World scrap prices are falling due to global uncertainty in the steel market

The future of the world scrap market depends on the recovery of demand for finished steel products
Global scrap prices continue to decline amid a weak steel market

The expected increase in prices depends on the resumption of purchases by Turkish steelmakers
Scrap collection in Ukraine decreased by 23.2% m/m in March

Domestic supplies of raw materials to steel plants for March 2023 increased by 23.6% m/m
World scrap prices continue to decline amid uncertainty

China is breaking out of the general trend thanks to a recovery in steel demand
World scrap prices are falling amid weaker demand in Turkiye

Scrap quotations on the Turkish market for the week of March 20-27, 2023, decreased by $16/t
Interpipe Vtormet ended 2022 with a loss of UAH 10.3 million

The company's retained earnings at the end of last year amounted to UAH 179.81 million

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