During the year, the railway operator successfully held 101 auctions for the sale of raw materials

In 2023, Ukrainian Railways (UZ) successfully sold 76.39 thousand tons of ferrous scrap worth UAH 460.11 million in the Prozorro.Sale system. Compared to 2022, sales of raw materials decreased by 32.4% and revenue – by 31.3%.

Thus, during the year, UZ managed to hold 101 auctions for the sale of raw materials. Among the main buyers:

  • Dniprostal – 24 lots (19.98 thousand tons for UAH 109.35 million);
  • Metinvest-Resources – 17 lots (16.48 thousand tons for UAH 77.85 million);
  • Central Plus – 15 lots (10.29 thousand tons for UAH 79.35 million).

Energosteel Plant, Ecotovresurs, Keramet, Ukrmet-Invest, Ukrmet Center, Allianzmetprom and others also bought the railway operator’s scrap metal.

The scrap sold included various types of raw materials, including rails, wheels, pads, wheel axles, railcar frames, etc.

As GMK Center reported, in 2022 Ukrainian Railways successfully sold 113.04 thousand scrap ferrous metals with a total value of UAH 669.98 million. This is 43.8% and 55.4% less, respectively, compared to 2021.

The largest buyers of raw materials were:

  • Metinvest-Resources – 37 lots (33.28 thousand tons for UAH 178.1 million);
  • Dniprostal – 36 lots (30.34 thousand tons for UAH 155.66 million);
  • Ferolit – 16 lots (12.3 thousand tons for UAH 95.19 million).

In total, the railroad operator planned to sell 170 thousand tons of scrap over the year. The state-owned company also intended to dismantle 13,000 railcars for scrap, the weight of which is partially included in the above figure.