scrap prices

World scrap prices for the week of September 26 – October 3 increased to $368/t

Turkish steel mills expect a decrease in scrap metal prices

World scrap prices for the week of September 19-26, 2022, recovered to $365/t

Suppliers in the Turkish market are expecting an increase in quotations

World scrap prices continue to fall amid declining steel production

Market participants believe that the downward trend will continue in September

Global scrap prices fell back after a week of gains

Turkish steelmakers are unable to buy scrap in conditions of very low demand for finished products

World scrap prices increased to $402/t after two weeks of stabilization

The increase in prices was facilitated by the growth of trade activity

World scrap prices stabilized at $395-397/t

Scrap quotations remain stable for 11 days in a row due to demand in South Asia

World scrap prices rose to $397/t

Scrap prices have stabilized, and market participants predict both a decrease and an increase

World scrap prices rose by $40 after three weeks of decline

Quotations of scrap metal in Turkey for the week of August 1-8 jumped to $385-390/t

World scrap prices collapsed by $38 last week

Scrap quotes on the Turkish market are declining for the second week in a row, reaching $365-370/t

World scrap metal prices are falling due to reduced steel production

Market operators expect that scrap prices will rise in autumn due to the increase in demand for steel

World scrap prices returned to decline after two weeks of growth

Over the week of July 11-18, scrap quotations on the Turkish market fell by $10 to $400-408/t