scrap prices
World scrap prices have been rising since the beginning of November

The positive trend is maintained due to the growth of demand amid limited supply
World scrap prices rose at the end of October

Restocking by steelmakers slightly increased activity in global scrap markets, but the trend is short-term

Prices for steel raw materials showed a significant rise in September

Further positive dynamics are at risk due to the potential deterioration of the Chinese economy
Scrap prices in Germany rose in September amid exports to Asia

Market participants hope that export demand will remain in the near future
Global scrap market is volatile under the influence of fluctuations in demand for steel

In Turkiye, scrap prices increased by 0.8% last week, in China they fell by 1%, and in the USA they remained at the level of the previous week
Assofermet predicts an increase in scrap prices in Italy

The country has registered some price declines, but the situation may change at the end of September
Global scrap market has slowed in anticipation of improved steel sales

In Turkiye scrap is offered for $372-376/t, the USA – $340-354/t, and China – $394.2/t
Global scrap prices stagnate under the influence of a seasonal decline in demand for steel

Additional pressure on prices creates economic uncertainty in Turkiye
Global scrap prices fall under pressure from weaker demand in Turkiye

China stands out from the general trend, where the decrease in supply contributed to the increase in prices
World scrap prices are falling amid weak activity of steelmakers

There is no activity on the Turkish market on the eve of the holidays, and Chinese steelmakers switch to more profitable raw materials – pig iron
Global scrap prices are falling amid a slowdown in steel market activity

Stagnation of the Turkish market due to macroeconomic problems continues

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