ArcelorMittal has confirmed its intention to invest in a hybrid EAF at a plant in Spain

The total investment in the project will amount to €1 billion

ArcelorMittal to launch a blast furnace at a plant in Spain in February

The decision to temporarily stop the blast furnace was made in September 2022
Electricity prices increased in most of Europe in December 2022

In 2022, the highest average monthly wholesale price in the EU was in August
Spain cut steel production by 6.4% m/m in November 2022

In January-November 2022, Spanish steelmakers produced 10.77 million tons of steel
Spain allocated for ArcelorMittal €17.1 million in compensation for indirect emissions

Total support for Spain's energy-intensive industry is €244 million, of which the steel sector accounts for 37.5%
Spain reduced steel production by 9.6% m/m in October 2022

In January-October 2022, Spanish steelmakers produced 9.91 million tons of steel

Spain increased steel production by 50% m/m in September 2022

In January-September 2022, Spanish steelmakers produced 9 million tons of steel

Global rebar prices are falling amid low demand in the construction sector

Quotations of rebar in Turkiye last week fell by 3.6%, in Italy – by 5.5%, in China – by 2.6%
ArcelorMittal agrees with unions on employment schemes at plants in Spain

The company is counting on an agreement that will allow the company to idle any of its plants in Spain for any period until the end of 2023

The Spanish government promised to support the steel industry in the event of energy crisis

In recent months, the country's government has allocated more than €850 million to support local gas and electricity-intensive industries

Spain’s Ferroatlántica shuts down two furnaces due to rising energy prices

The plant preserving units for an indefinite period of time – until the price per megawatt is controlled

ArcelorMittal to shut down one BF at its Asturias plant in September

The capacity of the Spanish plant will be reduced due to weak demand for products

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