rolled steel production
DMZ is ready to increase production for export if demand increases

Currently, the company is focused on expanding its presence on the Ukrainian market

DMZ shipped 3.7 thousand tons of rolled products to customers in January

The production of metallurgical coke for the month increased by 64.4% y/y
AFV Beltrame intends to invest €20 million in Romanian plants in 2024

The group also announced the acquisition of a company operating in the field of renewable energy production

DMZ produced 106,000 tons of rolled steel in 2023

The volume of production of steel products increased by 86.2% compared to 2022
Belgium increased the import of rolled steel from third countries by 15% y/y in October

The export of steel products for the month fell by 6.3% y/y
Metinvest set up the production of 25 new types of products in 2023

Most of the new products have been developed in the segment of semi-finished products, hot-rolled coils and graded products
DMZ plans to produce 6,000 tons of rolled products in rolling shop No. 1 in December

They will mainly manufacture the SVP-33 mine support, as well as R-43 and R-34 mine rails
DMZ in November reduced rolled steel output by 12.6% m/m

Coke production decreased by 11.4% month-on-month
DMZ completed the rolling campaign in rolling shop №2

During September 21 and October 20, rolling mills produced 16,000 tons of products
Rolled steel producers in China’s Tangshan are limiting production

There were no official reports on control measures
Egyptian Kandil Steel will receive a $25 million loan from IFC

The company plans to increase the production of flat rolled products

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