Минэкономики: ВВП Украины в первом квартале сократился на 1,2%
The Ministry of Economy says Ukraine’s GDP was 1.2% down in Q1
The results of the first three months of 2020 proved to be worse than expected
«Интерпайп» выделил 36 млн грн на поддержку медучреждений (c) Interpipe
Interpipe allocated ₴36 million to support health care facilities
The Company purchased a large batch of individual protective means for doctors of Dnipro and of the oblast
Ukraine’s industrial production keeps falling
The quarantine measures worsened the economic downfall in Ukraine observed since H2 2019
The rules have changed: protectionism is a new normal
Ukraine needs to learn how to neutralize the effects of increased protectionism in foreign markets
Ferrexpo потратила более 21,5 млн грн на поддержку больниц (c)
Ferrexpo spent more than ₴21.5 million to help hospitals
Health care facilities of Gorishni Plavni, Kremenchuk and Poltava were provided with assistance
В первом квартале ВВП Украины сократилось на 0,5% – Нацбанк (c)
The National Bank says Ukraine’s GDP fell by 0.5% in Q1
The country copes with this crisis better than before
«Метинвест» возобновил работу итальянского завода Metinvest Trametal (c)
Metinvest resumes operation at Metinvest Trametal in Italy
Shipment of earlier manufactured products from Ferriera Valsider and Metinvest Trametal is currently in progress
АМКР в первом квартале сократил выпуск стали на 7,1% (c)
AMKR cut steel production by 7.1% in Q1
Production of rolled products fell by 7.7% and pig iron by 7.1%
Украинские производители стали могут снизить выпуск на 25% в апреле-мае (c)
Ukrainian steel producers may cut steel production by 25% in April–May
According to the GMK Center Chief Analyst, the sector will be able to recover to the pre-crisis state in 2021
A fall in Ukraine’s GDP was 0.2% in January–February
A further fall in GDP may be expected in the future, which, according to the Cabinet of Ministers, will reach 4.8% in 2020