Ferrexpo ramped up pellet production by 28% in July

The Company increased its output 2.9% in 7M

Ferrexpo increased railway shipments to Europe by 81% in 7M

Conversely, shipments to ports fell by 21.3%

Ferrexpo в первом полугодии нарастила реализацию продукции в Европу (c) shutterstock.com
Ferrexpo increased the share of exports to the EU by 48% in H1

The share of sales to Southeast Asian countries, including China, fell from 68% to 29%

Ferrexpo launches a 5 MW solar power plant

The Company uses almost 10 thousand solar panels from Jinko Solar for the project

Ferrexpo ramped up production of DR iron ore pellets by 28% in H1

The Group produced 5.6 million tons of iron ore pellets in H1

Ferrexpo to put into operation a pilot 5 MW solar power plant in July

Transition to renewables is one of the company’s decarbonization priorities

Greenhouse effect: decarbonization is already changing steelmaking technologies

Metallurgists consider electrometallurgy based on DRI and the use of hydrogen to be promising for reducing CO2 emissions.

Jim North: “Modernisation is a key factor in reducing our carbon footprint”

Interim Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director Ferrexpo about eco-modernization and incentives for it

Biofuel for Steel: How Ferrexpo Reduces Carbon Emissions

Sunflower husk enables Ferrexpo to replace 25% of fossil fuels used in pelletizer in five years

(c) Ferrexpo
Ferrexpo produced 3.7 million tons of iron ore pellets in 4M

The Company’s output remained flat since last year

Ferrexpo to partner the Forum on “Decarbonization of the steel industry”

One of the largest investors in zero-carbon production urges the business and the government to move towards decarbonization together

Strategic investment: Ukraine’s mining & metals industry increases investments in the environment

Companies of the mining and metallurgical complex spent UAH 18.6 billion for environmental purposes last year

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