Ferrexpo sent UAH 1 million to provide the city of Mykolaiv with water

As a result of rocket attacks in Mykolaiv two water supply facilities were damaged

Ferrexpo has paid more than $35 million in taxes since the start of the war

In addition, the company sent $12.5 million to its Humanitarian Fund

Ferrexpo increased revenue by 48% in 2021

The company's EBITDA increased by $68% to $ 1.44 billion

Ferrexpo increased its Humanitarian Fund to UAH 352 million

The money will be used for humanitarian goods delivery, food and medical equipment purchases

American BlackRock Inc. now owns over 5% of Ferrexpo shares

The company previously owned 4% of Ferrexpo shares

In March, Ferrexpo increased exports by rail and Danube to 24 000 t per day

On average, about 30 thousand tons of Ferrexpo’s products per day were exported in January-March

Ferrexpo in Q1 maintain the iron ore pellet production

The company produced 2.7 million tons of pellets

Ferrexpo provided over 70 vehicles to Armed Forces, Territorial Defense

The total value of provided assets exceeds $3.5 million

Ferrexpo equipped firefighters with satellite phones, protective equipment

Company provided equipment to the services in towns, and cities directly affected by the invasion

Ukrainian metallurgy: new level of social responsibility

Every operating enterprise is now worth its weight in gold in Ukraine

Ukrainian iron & steel companies: who continue to work

Kametstal, and most mining companies continue to operate

Ferrexpo provided accommodation for 1335 refugees

The company provided free accommodation, food, medical treatment and psychological help

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